Farintosh Farms Closing

To all our wonderful customers

After much deliberation and soul searching,  Karen and I have decided to retire from the market and Pick Your Own. Our farm will now be permanently closed to the public.

The farm has not been sold, and I will continue to grow many crops for what I hope will be many years to come. We are  both looking forward to taking a break and undertaking some new challenges.

Thanks to all those of you who have made that drive down our lane over the years, allowing us to be a small part of your meals at some point.

Thanks to our neighbors, local golf club customers, cousins and weekly sweet corn customers from the city. Eric, Rob, Louise, Patrick, the Wells family, Derrick, Alice, Min, Lisa, Gary...... it's a long, long list, started by Mrs. Gwen Smith who has been a loyal customer for each of our 46 years in business.

Major respect and a huge thank you to the West Indian community, especially our Jamaican customers. Your unwavering loyalty and easygoing good humor made our dealings with you an absolute delight and a whole lot of fun.

We have progressed from hellos through handshakes to hugs with many, many of you and our lives are infinitely richer for those wonderful human connections. We will certainly miss you all.

We could not have farmed without our hard working field and market help. Thank you, Darryl from Newfoundland, Clifford and Keroy from Jamaica, Cassandra, Chloe, Bob Knapp and my mother, who loved to transplant our veggies. Thanks to our son Geoff, who wore both hats without complaint over the years.

A huge thank you to our longtime friends Murray Empringham and Arthur Schickedanz and their capable crews for being the world's best neighbors.

It takes a village to supply a farm. Thanks too to our many suppliers including the friendly crew working with Terry Reesor at Reesor Seed and Grain,  with Brent at FS Partners in Alliston and Rob Hovius at Stokes Seeds.

The last thank you goes to my father, who facilitated and inspired this city kid to be a farmer when he grew up. I have surely led a charmed life to have had so much fun doing what I love, all the while feeling that it made a difference.

Our farmstead and crops have been (and will continue to be) a source of pride to us over the years. We are deeply humbled and honored that you noticed and that you cared enough to keep coming back to support our local farm family.

  Guy and Karen Farintosh


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